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In an effort to deliver all the best hockey articles directly to your inbox, the Hockey Writers offers a few newsletters.

Morning Skate

The Morning Skate is our newsletter that provides original content you can’t find anywhere else, including on The Hockey Writers. What is the content featured in the Morning Skate? In addition to a quick update of the previous day’s scores, NHL standings, and the current day’s schedule, it covers the latest news, transactions, and any hockey-related happenings, both on and off the ice, often with some humor tossed in. The Morning Skate is delivered (completely free) to your inbox each weekday during the season and three times a week during the offseason. To sign up, simply click on the banner below and you’ll be sent to the Morning Skate’s site.

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Main Newsletter

You would think that by publishing over 150 articles in a week that there would be a couple of pretty good ones. Well, those are the ones that we’ll email you. We send these out three times a week. This is our main newsletter that you can subscribe to below. If you ever change your mind, unsubscribing only takes one quick click.


Team-Based Newsletters

We also offer a team-based newsletter that is sent out three times a week. It delivers all of that team’s articles right to your inbox so you never miss any insight or analysis for your favorite team. Feel free to sign up for one or multiple newsletters by clicking on the team name.